Yesterday I was at Mikrotik Workshop, and actually got a great idea about Mikrotik ROS syntax highlighting in Notepad++. Notepad++ is my daily driver, It’s been around me since default Windows notepad forgot how to maintain default charset of the document. But yeah, that is not what I wanted to tell. If you’re working with mikrotik, I think syntax highlighting is a musthave, I cant believe I didnt thought about this earlier. I have found a lot of sources, but I was determined, to find the original source, and give cudos to the author. I’ve land to the mikrotik official forum.

Installing this thingie is tricky. If you’re doing it first time, do not give up! After first Import, you’ll feel a bit smarter 🙂

So let’s do it!

1. Download Notepad++:

2. Install Notepad++

3. Download file RouterOS Syntax-Highlighter and extract the notepad++ xml file within. If the link dies, check at the forum.

4. Open Notepad++

5. Click View > User-Defined Dialogue > click Import button. Import the xml file you just downloaded.

6a. Open an .rsc script, and syntax highlighting will be visible.

6b. Alternatively open any file and select the “RouterOS” language option

6c. If you get lost, maybe your Notepad++ version is different. Don’t worry. Just open Language > Define your language

and import that damn thing.

And one more thing, seems all geeks dont use Notepad++ (Oh god, why? It’s so fscking great!), and you’re a geek using TextPad, you are still getting the syntax highlighter here.

So is it only me, or even you cant believe you could live without it?

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